“If ever you think that there is something missing,
in any given moment, it is your love that is missing.
Your love is what’s missing! So, don’t come to get love.
Come to give love. Then you will recognize that You
are full of love already!
– Rananda

For years, Rananda has been teaching The Truth of What We are all over the world. The beautiful message he brings is inspired by his own awakening experiences and he often uses the modern day testament, A Course In Miracles, as one of his teaching tools.

Everyone wants to be happy, but many get lost in their pursuit of happiness. In a world full of confusion, Rananda is a messenger of God who brings us the clarity and inspiration we all long for. Rananda helps us to regain our awareness of our connection with our Creator, the Source of Happiness.

We, the members of Magnum Opus Ministries Nederland, feel blessed to have received Rananda’s teachings. We want to share this privilege with you, and created a radio station that broadcasts Rananda’s teachings 24/7. Be welcome here; God bless you!

Listen To Rananda 24/7 Internet Radio

This service is offered to you by:
Magnum Opus Ministries Nederland

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